Want to see well without glasses or contact lenses?

Well now you can, thanks to ArtiLens insertable lenses. For over 25 years, people all over the world have chosen the many benefits that ArtiLens can offer. ArtiLenses are very safe, reliable and the procedure is simple and painless. Plus, you’ll be able to see well: without glasses or contact lenses. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. And that’s just great.
An intraoculair lens implant is the best alternative to laser eye surgery.
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Do you have major deviations? Artisan lenses correct up to -23.5 and +12 dioptres. Read more


Artiflex lens implants are flexible, which means you can see well even faster. Corrects to -14.5 dioptres. Read more

About Ophtec

The ArtiLens lens implant was invented by the Dutch professor Jan Worst. He came up with the idea of ​​fixing lenses to the iris in a Pakistani hospital. His wife later on founded Ophtec, which is now a global leader in Refractive surgery. Read more

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