A lens implant, for sharp vision

A lens implant gives you excellent vision without glasses or contact lenses.
No hassle in the morning with lens solutions, no fogging during exercise. Just perfect visibility 24 hours a day.

What is a lens implant?

A lens implant is a tiny artificial lens that is placed in the eye. This type of lens has been around for over 25 years! Your own lens remains fully intact.
Basically, a lens implant is a type of contact lens that you don’t have to remove or maintain. This type of lens is also called an intraocular lens implant. It is possible to correct myopia (strengths to -23.5), hyperopia (strengths to + 12 ) and astigmatism.

Information about intraocular lens implantation?

Are you interested in implantable contact lenses? Then you are welcome to stop by an Artilens eye clinic in your neighbourhood. In first instance, you will get information about the different types of Arti lenses: Artisan and Artiflex.
The clinics offer info sessions on a regular basis where you will learn about the lens implant and you can ask questions. If you are genuinely interested, an interview will follow. The doctor will perform a thorough check-up on your eyes and ask you a lot of questions. Then you will some have time to consider all of the information and alternatives (keeping your glasses or laser eye surgery) at your leisure.

Placement of the lens implant

The lens implant takes place in an eye clinic and is performed by an eye specialist. The eye will be numbed, which will feel like a little sting.
All precautions are taken and you will also wear real hospital clothing.
The doctor will make a tiny incision in the outer part (cornea) of your eye and position the lens. In order to ensure that the lens remains neatly in place, it will be attached to the coloured part of your eye (iris).

When Artisan lenses are placed, it is necessary to close the incision. With Artiflex lenses there is no need for that.
Placement of the lens implant takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Then you get an eye patch and you can recover for a short while. The nurse will examine your eye again and give you some tips to promote rapid healing. The day after the lens implant was placed you will see the doctor again for an initial check-up.

After four weeks, your eye will have healed and you can undergo a lens implant procedure for the other eye.