Artisan, Artiflex and Toric lens

ArtiLens has different types of lenses, each with their own specific characteristics:


The Artisan lens is made of PMMA, a non-flexible plastic that is completely accepted by your body; a fact that was discovered by accident as some WWII pilots had been walking around for years with a piece of plastic in their eye that had come from their ravaged cockpit. One major advantage of Artisan lenses is that they can correct up to -23.5 and +12 dioptres.


The Artiflex lens is partially made ​​of silicone and is, therefore, flexible. One major advantage is that this lens is implanted into your eye ‘folded up’ so that the incision in your cornea can be kept small (3.2 mm) and heals faster. So, an Artiflex lens allows you to see better faster. Artiflex corrects up to -14.5 dioptres. If you have a greater minus deviation or a plus deviation, then Artisan is the right lens for you.

Artisan and Artiflex Toric lens

Both Artisan and Artiflex lenses are also available in a toric version, for the correction of astigmatism.